Business start-up website kit
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Business start-up website kit

As a small business we understand how difficult to start and run a business, financially, marketing, selling, setting up website, purchase, accounts, banks etc., we have gone through allÖso, we know what itís like.

Online presence

More than 85% of UK customers search and buy online, it is very important to have an online presence as a website, this works 24/7 and 365 days for your business, explains about your products and services and bring an enquires to business.

What you need?

In order to help you start up a business website, we put together a list to give you an idea.

1. Domain name
2. Website Host
3. Email
4. Contact number
5. Address (this could be your home or office address, as long as a valid UK address)

Type of websites:

Simple website

All you need is a website, with home page explaining about your products and services, enquiry form with your contact details Ė this is what you need to start with Ė just to stand up.

Ecommerce website

If you are selling a product and services, you may consider taking payment online (debit and credit cards payments), read more about online payment integration if you consider.

How do people find your website?

Donít forget to optimise your web pages, because, search engine evaluate your web pages based on what you write on the web page, but donít write for search engine in mind, write valuable and helpful contents for your customers.

How to turn website visitors into customers?

Do a little bit of market research in your business domain, find out your competitors, products, services and the price, donít forget, this is what your customer do as part of their online shopping, if they find your website is good, reliable, competitive or reasonable and good service, - not only they buy, also recommend to their family and friends.

Unique selling point

Find out how can you be a unique from others?

This is something we always discuss with our customers and build solution for this.

Review and grow your website:

It is important that you do monthly analysis on website traffic, sales, missed sales, phones, delivery options and customer satisfaction, our ecommerce solution provides all these information online based on your website sales, it also shows itemised profit and loss, our ecommerce solution is fully bespoke, ask for free online demo or appointment for direct visit, its free personal or phone discussion.


There is no limit what your website can do for your business, take step by step actions for the long business run.

How can we help?

Itís always good to discuss with people who have experience in the field, we have developed all our bespoke business solutions with their customers in mind; we have done all the leg work and proven solutions, you get on with it.