Bespoke web and windows applications
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Bespoke Web and Windows Applications

Over 15 years, we have been through various business industries sized from individual person, small business, medium and large corporates.

We look back our path; for all these years, technologies have been continuously changing, from DOS and windows 3.0 to current operating systems, programming languages from C, COBOL, and FoxPro 2.5 to up-to-date .Net technologies and design patterns.

We have developed; windows based applications, website design, web programming, intranet application development, database programming, data migration, reporting services and web services.

Some of the major industries we have been involving and developed bespoke solutions are insurance, holiday companies, aggregators, charities, ecommerce, retail, educational, manufacturing, foundries, automobiles, finance, inventory controls, sales order processing, purchase order processing, health care and accounts.

Combined these knowledge and years of experience enable us to visualise and achieve any business solutions fairly quickly.

Drop us an email with your requirements, simple or complex, we’ll develop a cost effective, customised business support system which will help you grow your business.

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